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Stand out on perhaps the most important day of your life, your wedding day.

Choosing clothing for this important day is an extremely critical process as the moments are captured and remain forever.


You are the center of attention. The right clothes and shoes are the ones will help you to stand out. You are the most important man of the night.

The process requires special experience and attention as it has to do with the style of the ceremony, the right choice of combination of colors and materials, the right choice of accessories, shoes and accurate measurements.


• After a scheduled appointment, Michalis visits you at your place where through a discussion and taking your body measurements into account, he will suggest the ideal proposal for your clothing and footwear.


• Presentation of options: color combinations, suit, shirt, accessories and details, shoes.

Suggested hair style as well as grooming.


• Shopping and rehearsals in stores and a final rehearsal at your place with tips for proper application of clothing and accessories as well as the final touches to shine at the ceremony.


Are you ready to impress and feel stand out next to your future wife?

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