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One of the daily concerns of the modern man is the choice of clothes that he will wear during the day depending on the activities and needs he has.

For sure you have a wardrobe full of clothes some of them you wear often, some rarely and some have been left with the label and have never been worn.

If you need help organizing it, enriching or clearing in up, the "wardrobe upgrade" service is ideal for you. It takes place in your home and its duration is determined by the size of the wardrobe.


The session is tailored to your needs and includes:


 • A discussion with your personal stylist about your lifestyle needs and the style you would like to achieve, as well as the different looks you need e.g. corporate, casual, sporting events, parties, formal and evening wear.


• An evaluation of your current wardrobe where your personal stylist will separate the clothes that suit you from the ones you do not need.

• Evaluate how to make the most of your current wardrobe.


• Tips from your personal stylist on which combinations and which styles suit you.

• In the last stage, the clothes that are missing from your wardrobe are identified and recorded and new ones are suggested to complete it.


The result of the service is to have a wardrobe complete, organized, easy to manage and to perfectly fit the needs of your lifestyle.

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